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How would you like to build a new list and literally get paid for doing it – and with almost no upfront costs?


Back in December, Andy Brocklehurst & Barry Rodgers brought out a training based on real case studies that showed how anyone can build lists without investment and make great money doing it. They had 2 case studies and actually filmed the third case study while they put it together.

That third project filmed for the training exceeded 2000 new subscribers and made $1400 profit (after paying affiliates). How would you like to duplicate that?

But what is more powerful is that many students who went through the training in December have duplicated this success…even people starting from scratch with no list. One such student even got a mention on a product launchleaderboard in April!

Even more impressive is that they are getting conversion rates of between 45% and a whopping 60%. Almost unheard of!

Now they have added some more content and have been tweaking the formula making it even easier. You can easily duplicate this winning system yourself.

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[GET] The 1K Whirlwind Review & Download